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Courser MXT

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9740 8777

9524 6144

9521 1177

9195 5111


The Courser MXT is a mud terrain tyre sporting an aggressive, high-void tread design, functional side biter shoulders and solid 2-ply carcass construction for a durable tyre and dependable off-road traction in tough terrains.

Optimized Void-to-Rubber Ratio

The amount of rubber on the road is optimized to provide excellent extreme terrain traction and enhanced driving feel.

Aggressive Upper Sidewall Design

Aggressive, deep "side biter" design increases off-road traction, and sidewall abrasion resistance.

Large Shoulder Scallops and Traction Edges

The scallops provide a "mud-scoop" effect, for superior off-road traction. Traction edges on the alternating shoulder elements add additional biting edges for improved lateral grip.

Wide Shoulder Grooves

The wide grooves between the outer tread blocks allow the MXT to easily clean out, increasing grip for superior traction.

Variable, Full-Depth Siping

Siping for increased wet traction on the highway also provides extra biting edges for enhanced off-road traction. Even at half worn, 80% of the MXT's sipes remain functional, providing for more consistent performance throughout the life of the tyre.


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